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About Massage at Adar Birth Services

Adar Birth Services offers massage as a supportive addition to conventional healthcare during the childbearing year. Our services include prenatal, labour and postpartum therapies (for Cesaerean or vaginal births) as well as infant massage and partner instruction classes. Aimée Sturley has studied Swedish, Shiatsu, Lymphatic and Reflexology massage styles and incorporates these elements in a massage that is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of your changing body.

Your Comfort
Our body-cushioning pillows provide ample and adaptable support in all phases of the birthing year.

Your Safety
The safety of both you and your baby are of the utmost importance during the massage. Aimée has received education on the use of diffused touch in areas where deep work is contraindicated for the childbearing year.

Benefits to you and your baby
During the childbearing year your body will undergo many changes and massage has been shown to help women reduce pain, stress and discomfort as well as increase feelings of contentment and well-being. For more information on how massage can benefit you at each stage, please explore the other pages of the Massage section.

A letter from JD, First-time mom
"I was toward the end of the last trimester of my pregnancy and was feeling the aches from the weight gain, the restricted sleeping positions, and the unusual spring heatwave. I needed a good massage! I found Adar Birth Services through a link on my midwives' website. I saw the "Mama Bliss" package and it seemed like a good deal, so I booked it.

It was a fantastic decision!

My first two massages were prenatal massages. When I first met Aimée, she provided a warm welcome and gently asked me about the specifics of my aches; I could tell that she was really listening and assessing what I said. She didn't just give a standard massage, but worked with what I had told her, and her intuition, giving a wonderful massage that was both relaxing and regenerative. She used techniques that I had never heard of, like wrapping my swollen feet in cool clothes to ease the edema. She also provided additional recommendations in sleep positions to help ease the pain.

Thank you Aimée for the superb massages and advice and I look forward to the remaining sessions now that I have had my son!

In-Office Massage Options
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Aimée found creatve ways to make me comfortable while on the table and made sure the points of tension were reached. I found that my back pain lessened, my pregnancy anxiety became subtler, and I was able to work up until the eighth month.

The power of massage during this life change has also brought me more in touch with my and my baby's mental and physical health.

- Shana Lee

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