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Full Circle

The term "Doula" is a word from Ancient Greek which refers to the head female servant in a household. Such a woman would have been the one to whom the "lady of the house" would turn for support in pregnancy, birth and care of her newborn.

More recently, as women throughout the world have sought to reclaim traditional supports in childbearing, the term Doula has come to refer specifically to a woman (or - rarely - a man) who assists women and their families in the childbearing year.

There are three kinds of Doulas:

Please follow the links for more information on birth and postpartum services as well as for childbirth education classes.

Interesting Facts

Delayed Cord Clamping
"Delaying clamping of the umbilical cord in full-term neonates for a minimum of 2 minutes following birth is beneficial to the newborn, extending into infancy."
Hutton, Eileen, K.. "Late vs Early Clamping of the Umbilical Cord in Full-term Neonates". The Journal of the American Medical Association March 21, 2007: 1241-1252.

Nutrition in Pregnancy & Asthma
Having a diet that is high in vegetables and low in meat during pregnancy may contribute to a reduced risk of asthma in children.
Chatzi , Leda. "Mediterranean Diet in pregnancy protective for wheeze and atopy in childhood". Thorax 15 January 2008: 39-41.

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