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Gift Certificates

Choosing the Right Services
Choosing which services would be most appreciated by your pregnant friend, relative or co-worker can seem a bit tricky. I advise people to keep the following points in mind when making their decision:

Massage is generally the safest bet. Almost everyone adores massage and this goes double for women during the childbearing year.

Postpartum Doula care is also popular. Think about the kind of person you are gifting; is she (or is her mate) intensely private? Or is she more social? Postpartum care is a very intimate service provided at a time when the new family may feel quite vulnerable. Unless you know them very well, it may be a good idea to bring the matter up with them before going ahead with this gift.

Gifting someone with a birth doula or breastfeeling counselling is not something I would usually recommend unless they have specifically requested it and have decided which doula or counsellor they want. If you would like to go ahead and buy the gift for them and take the chance that they will want to return it, the cost of the certificate can be refunded in full (minus a service fee*) within two weeks of purchase.

To purchase a Gift Certificate, email Adar Birth Services, call 778-VIP-CARE (847-2273) or use the Paypal button on the right.

*Service fee is 3% of the transaction with a minimum fee of $25. If you have any questions please call or email before purchasing.

If you would like to use Paypal to pay for your Gift Certificate, simply click on the button below. Your purchase will be confirmed using the contact information you provide in your transaction.

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