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Birth Doula Services

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

The wonderful Aleksandra Henderson and I have joined forces and we are continuing to serve all of Spark Doulas' and Adar Birth Services' doula clients.

How it works is that you would meet us both for an interview and if you like us you would hire us together. We offer the following package to our clients:

This package is $1150, including all the classes (though, please note, that a few times a year, we have a chef who comes to the postpartum class to cook for you and show you how to make simple, delicious meals and snacks; there is an extra fee for this class).

During your birth month we alternate being on call (Aimée one week, Aleksandra the next) - so you would get whoever was on call for your birth. You will be provided with a schedule so that you know who to call on any given day. One benefit to this arrangement is that even if the primary doula is unable to make it, you have an established relationship with the secondary doula, which is not always the case for solo doulas.

If this sounds good to you, we would love to meet with you. We usually do interviews on Tuesdays in East Vancouver. If that doesn't work for you, we have lots of flexibility.

Please let us know if you have any more questions or would like to meet with us.

We both look forward to hearing from you.

Be well,

Aleksandra & Aimée
Serving the Vancouver Area, including Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, and parts of the North Shore.

Aleksandra    Aimée
Miracle of Birth    Adar Birth Services
604-562-4708    (778) VIP-CARE [847-2273]

Consultations are free.
The fee for the services described above is $1150.

All Birth Doula Clients of Adar Birth Services receive $30 off TENS rentals and use of a Birth Pool from 37 weeks on for just $30 (if you don't get to use it, the $30 will be refunded). This is a combined saving of up to $250!

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If you are not ready to register for Birth Doula Services, you can call 778-VIP-CARE to schedule a complimentary interview. Prior to our interview, please feel free to fill out the forms with no implied obligation to hire a doula. This provides an opportunity for us to get to know a bit about you before we meet.

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(If your Estimated Due Date falls on a green square, We are available for your birth.)

"Aimée enabled me to see that I could perservere through the contractions when I felt that I might not be able to.

She used visualizations and her quiet strength and helped me to get through the contractions one at a time."

- First-time Mom

"Aimée, you were a huge support to me.

I truly believe you played an extremely important role in my labour & birth experience being a positive one.

You helped to keep me calm and focused on the present.

Thank you!"

- Michelle

In the moments of confusion and pain Aimée had the right words and the comfort to get us through the whole process of labour."
- Armando

"Aimée treated me as though I were the most important pregnant woman on Earth at that moment. Her validation of all of my fears and concerns and letting me know that I could call 24/7 really made me feel safe."

- Nicole Walker

'Aimée made sure that I looked after myself and gave me room and encouragement to support my wife. Without a doubt, I would recommend her to other parents and we look forward to having Aimée’s support when we go through this again.'

- Jaysen

'Our baby had to go to intensive care so my husband went with him. Aimée sat with me when I would have otherwise been alone. She just sat quietly and read making it possible for me to relax and sleep and made a real difference to my state of mind.'

- Meagan

Just wanted to get in touch and thank you for all your wonderful support and generosity during my labour.

You stepped in at the last minute but it was as if you had always been there. My memories are vague (maybe a good thing!) but I can recall key moments when you helped me move into each new stage with determination and direction.

Danny & I are very grateful for all your help - we couldn't have asked for a better doula than yourself.

Alasdair is doing well, feeding for Scotland and growing each day! Thank you for helping bring him into the world.

- Fiona M

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Having a doula be part of our birth experience was never in doubt, but finding one to share this amazing moment in life is a trickier prospect.

We were delighted when we met you, Aimée, because it seemed as if you understood our needs as upcoming second parents and helped us create the perfect environment for Q’s arrival. By 'environment' I mean not only the ideal physical space (our home) but also the right approach, filled with confidence and excitement.

From confronting our fears in your tailor-made refresher course through to post-natal visits you added a whole lot at every step.

It was wonderful to meet in such great circumstances and the birth of our lovely second son was made much richer by having you be a part of it. Thank you so much.

- SC