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Postpartum Massage

In the postpartum period, massage can assist in your recovery by relaxing the muscles that have worked so hard, encouraging structural realignment and abdominal healing (including healing from a Caesarean birth), and can also provide essential respite from the postural strains and emotional stresses of tending to your newborn.

Home Visits
While it is usually considered safe to begin massage as soon as you like after a normal delivery, the thought of heading out to another appointment can be overwhelming in the first weeks and so you may wish to book a home visit. For home visits, Aimée brings her table, soothing music, candles, and essential oils to help turn your home into a mini spa.

The childbearing year is full of tremendous changes physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; as you give your heart and soul to your new baby, make sure that you take the time to replenish your reserves.

Massage and Postpartum Depression Massage has been shown to improve depression and anxiety scores, specific behavior measures, and cortisol levels in depressed adolecents in the postpartum period.* Ask your therapist or doctor if massage might be a beneficial addition to your therapy.

*Field T, Grizzle N, Scafidi F, Schanberg S. Massage and relaxation therapies’ effects on depressed adolescent mothers. Adolescence 1996; 31: 903-11.[Medline]

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I found each session. I know my body definately benefited from each massage.

- Danielle

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